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Xiangling is really in love with her hobby

Xiangling is really in love with her hobby

6 Xiangling, This new Eager Cook

Lead cook during the Wanmin Restaurant, Xiangling is a perfect fit for one players wanting a passionate companion with a daring front. She guarantees to save an eye out on things (and you will she mode certainly some thing) and this can be a very tasty addition to almost any the latest items. To own aspiring chefs which can be fans out of Genshin Impression, Xiangling would-be a beneficial match.

Xiangling ‘s the particular partner to maintain their members of the family given along with her the brand new exciting (and you can exotic) food time to time, advising them throughout the every the woman new escapades and breakthroughs regarding life of a profitable lead chef. A life threatening almost every other you to offers this lady same warmth throughout the restaurants create function as the finest match. They could even stamina the woman determination to help make far more tasty productions.

5 Lisa, The new Flirtatious Educational

So it famous mage became librarian is actually a very important name for the Mondstadt and that’s even a member of this new Knights of Favonius. Lisa is not just a pretty face, the woman is a very competent witch and you can wise librarian. It’s nearly impossible not to ever be seduced by Lisa on fulfilling her. The girl habit of tease and you can flirt try unsafe, and certainly will lure anyone with the developing a great smash into breathtaking brunette.

It may be a practice regarding hers to use regards to endearment with associates, but it is nice to trust she supplies her or him for the fresh Traveller. Lisa possess a flirtatious emotions however with just the right people, maybe she can find herself existence faithful and simply calling the lady precious Traveller their just “cutie” next.

cuatro Keqing, Major But really Flaccid

Avoid being fooled of the Keqing’s cutesy graphic. Underneath, she is all about company and her good opinions. A person in the fresh Qixing that does not support the archons and you will adepti in order to large esteem, Keqing looks lovely and inviting, but a relationship route together with her create devote some time to help you thrive. Keqing are married to the woman functions, and always worried about the future of the people regarding Liyue. The woman is patient, hands-on, and you may perform food really with a life threatening almost every other which is equally since the tough-working.

Keqing would become style of spouse showing the woman love in the simple implies. She would assures the girl partner that have serves of kindness in the place of fancy presents. Regardless of if searching cool and you may top-notch externally, in terms of the woman center, it’s not hard to find out how she was warm and you can blurred inside.

3 Amber, Bubbly And you can Kindhearted

No matter the girl stats and all the memes regarding the poor Emerald you’ll find on the market, there isn’t any question she actually is a sort people. Just Outrider of the Knights out of Favonius, Emerald may not be a beneficial character officially, however, the woman is hard to overcome with respect to character.

Extremely intent on this lady work and you may providing anyone else, exactly what Amber does not have inside the power, she accounts for to possess in the heart. Brand new optimistic pyro archer is the first-in Mondstadt in order to provide new Traveller a helping hand after they needed it the absolute most. Her bubbly thoughts try adorable, with seems to complement. Emerald will be the ass regarding jokes on fandom but for it, people on Teyvat understands it’d be challenging to show off such as for example a beneficial cutie that have a heart out of gold.

2 Ganyu, Comfortable And Ethereal

Ganyu, the fresh new devoted secretary with the Liyue Qixing, makes hearts flutter wherever she happens. Her appears alone are recognized to turn heads, together with her stunning cold blue hair, the woman kind attention, and you can dainty horns. Yet not, Ganyu’s impress isn’t really simply centered on appears; it’s further than just anything very superficial.